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About the Owner/CEO: Rosemary Koomson, BBA

Human Resources/Business Consultant

An Alumna of James Madison University, VA, and a LEADS Scholar, CEO of Tremconsult, Rosemary Koomson holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management and Human Resources. 


A rare talent with exceptional business acumen, she stands tall with her in-depth understanding, knowledge and skills in business.   Her exceptional business sense and leadership skills enables her to manage simple to complex projects and produces deliverables that yield business profitability.


With over 18 plus years of executive business management experience,  she brings to the table her unique entrepreneurial and business savviness from various for profit and non-profit business sectors:  from retail management, manufacturing, logistics, Services, Sales, marketing, office administration, customer service, client relations, and creative services, among others. This business management expert, makes your vision, goals and objectives come alive with measurable and tangible results.   

About Tremconsult: Creativity, Quality, Flexibility, Affordability & Excellence!



We are a minority owned business consulting, human resource outsourcing and promotions design company.  Tremconsult' business module thrives on a hands on management approach.  We are able to work one on one with key decision makers to develop their ideas, reinvent their business, penetrate other business territories and increase their bottom line.

Thriving on a business culture of excellence, Tremconsult works and collaborates with other business professionals within and outside the company to provide numerous services to our clients on a cost effective basis.  


We understand the constraints of small to mid size business and their inability to sometimes afford quality personnel who can effectively manage key areas in the business, whiles the business grows.  We provide such essential services by managing your business projects and functions, while training your employees to eventually become key employees who will add value to your company.


Our vision is to provide professional business services by developing your business ideas, analyzing, managing, improving your processes and procedures to increase your efficiencies and produce tangible results which yield success and growth.